The Elder Scrolls: Blades coming into the early access on the Android and later on the IOS. You may surely now this game from the PC. Bethesda finally starts early access into his game. And we can tell you how feelings we have.

The game looks nice like Elder Scroll the PC. He comes with unusual gameplay which I seen on the Dungeon Crawler games. When you figure out your control your first quest begin.

The game is open that means, what I think is good because you can explore everything and I love Open world game. Authours put you into the with no tutorial and you are first 10m confused. But when you set up all settings you can go to the first battle with the mercenaries.

Fighting is good and intuitive, you only tapping on the screen what means attack you have a shield for a block. After you win fight with mercenaries you come to the destroyed town and your journey begin with creating your character.

You can choose between 10 different characters and I have chosen Orc because I love orcs. The Elder Scrolls is a big game and I wanna write about all aspect of the game and I can no wait for the full game. I think this game will best game for the mobile. If you want more review go on blog


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